Engine Room watch keeping Team:

Watch Level 1: (Duty Engineer + Duty Oiler)

Engine team shall comprise of the Duty Engineer and a Duty oiler for any period.

Watch Level 2: (Chief Engineer + Duty Engineer + Duty Oiler)

The Chief Engineer will take charge of the engine room whenever the engines are on standby.

For those occasions when the engines are on stand by for prolonged periods such as river Passages, canal transits or poor visibility the Chief engineer may delegate this responsibility to the Second Engineer.

Credits – Athalwa Zen

The Chief Engineer will ensure, whenever the main engines are placed on standby, sufficient electrical generators are run in parallel to share the electrical load. Thus, loss of one machine will not result in total loss of electrical power. Stand by conditions will include the following:

  • Navigation in harbors, rivers, canals, anchorages, or their approaches.
  • Navigation in ice or restricted visibility.
  • Navigation in Special Areas.
  • Any other Situation as deemed necessary by the master, including:
  • Navigation in Traffic Separation Schemes;
  • Navigation in Coastal or Restricted Waters.

The Chief Engineer shall ensure that Engine Department manning is adequate for safe operation of machinery and assign extra personnel, if required. The minimum manning level for Engine Room during Navigation is given in the “Manning Level Matrix”.

Electrical Officer shall be in attendance in the Engine Room at the discretion of Chief

Engineer when the vessel is entering or leaving port or maneuvering.

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